Brf Kista Ängar

Kista, Stockholm

Energy Solutions: Heating
In accordance with the decision we took at the Annual General Meeting on May 18, 2017, we have
proceeded with finding an alternative solution to our current district heating in order to save ong-
term costs iand to reduce our environmental impact.
For more information, we ask you go to our

website soonest. The Board is ready for a decision this matter, but before making
that,, we are looking forward to your comments as soon as possible.

Member information - January 2018
Waste and recycling
During last Christmas season, the recycling rooms were overcrowded and left in a terrible state.
clean up this mess, we have been forced to hire an external company. This has resulted in additional
expensive and unnecessary costs for BRF Kista Ängar. We must always remember to leave the floors
in the waste recycling rooms free from waste and garbage bags so that the containers can be
emptied fast and smoothly. All waste shall be placed into the containers - the right kind of waste in
the right kind of container. Carton boxes must never be left lying on the floor.
They shall always be
emptied and, as far as possible, flattened. Remove all plastic material, wooden frames etc from the box and sort them out in their respective separate containers. No garbage bags or bottles must be left on top of the container lid! If the container is getting full, just lift up the lid. Larger waste items which do not fit in the containers must be transported by yourself to a general recycling center, e g at Enköpingsvägen 129 in Rissne, not far from here.

Staircase: LED lighting
In the month of January, Gustring EL from Jakobsberg will install new LED lighting in the stairwells.
Lamps that are now switched on around the clock will then be replaced by motion sensor lighting.

Best regards,
Kista Ängar /Board of Directors